СЛОВОТВІРНИЙ ПОТЕНЦІАЛ ЖАРГОННОЇ ЛЕКСИКИ (на матеріалі української, російської та англійської мов)


  • Т. С. ГАРЛИЦЬКА Криворізький державний педагогічний інститут ДВНЗ “Криворізький національний університет”, Ukraine


jargon, means of word-formation, potential of word-formation, Ukrainian language, Russian language, English language


The article highlights the problem of word-forming means of slang in Ukrainian, Russian and English. The focus is made on the comparable aspect in studying of the slang nature of different languages, which allows defining general linguistic tendencies, that occur in society and language. The research concludes that the origin of slangy words is very branched and diverse, however they appear as the result of semantic recomprehension of the existent words, by means of borrowing from the other languages and social dialects or by morphological way. The author also mentions that youth slang and criminal argot are characterized by special derivative variety.