Metaphor of Translation as Portrait-Copy in the French Translation Studies Discourse of XVIII c.


  • І. В. ЛАСКА Дипломатична академія України при МЗС України, Ukraine


translation, translation studies discourse, history of translation studies, French translation studies of XVII c., metaphor of translation as portrait-copy


The article deals with the problem of metaphorisation in the French translation studies discourse of XVIIІ c. The transfer of signification, updating and textual functions of the portrait copy metaphor of translation are discussed. The focus is made on the principal openness of the source area and the target domain. The research concludes that the starting point of the transfer could be the process of painting, its types, genres; the subject of this process, its role, ability, work tools, paints, etc.; the result of this process: painting genres and species composition, shape, line, expression, colors and shades. The update of the visual metaphor of painting extends to all parts of the translation process: author and translator, their status and roles, the original and its properties, the process of translation.