General Tendencies of Phonetic and Morphological Adaptation of French Borrowings in Tunisian Usage


  • О. І. МАЗНІЧЕНКО Інститут сходознавства ім. А. Ю. Кримського НАН України, Ukraine


Gallicism (French loan word), phonetic adaptation, morphological adaptation, substitution, convergence, divergence, metathesis, epenthesis, prothesis, epithesis, apheresis, syncope


The article presents an extensive analysis of phonetic and morphological adaptation of the French components of the Tunisian vocabulary to new conditions of existence. Comprehensive coverage of the audible modification of the borrowing helped to identify the most common facts of adaptation of French lexical items to Tunisian communicative space, whereas an objective study of the processes of Gallicism adaptation at mentioned linguistic levels has led to the definition both common with pan Arabic borrowing tradition and particular for Tunisian area assimilating trends.