Greatest Happiness in the World – Clear Conscience (Conscience Characteristics of STIMULUS And its Correlations in the East Slavic Languages Based on the Results of Psychological and Linguistic Experiments)


  • Д. І. ТЕРЕХОВА Київський національний лінгвістичний університет, Ukraine


image of world, linguistic consciousness, associative experiment, associative field, associative gestalt


The article deals with the study of images of language consciousness of Ukrainian, Russians, and Belarusians to determine the ethnic and cultural specifics of the inner world of media closely related languages. The paper summarizes the results of psycholinguistic analysis of fields of associative word-stimulus СОВІСТЬ / СОВЕСТЬ / СУМЛЕННЕ representing ethnic and cultural specifics of certain fragments of images of the world of Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians. The “associative gestalt” has been used for structure of associative field. It has been used for detecting and analyzing of core and the periphery of the field in each language.