Translation Strategy of Domestication as a Factor for National Identification


  • Ю. А. ТЬОПЕНКО Київський національний університет технологій та дизайну, Ukraine
  • Ю. Г. СТЕЖКО Київський національний університет технологій та дизайну, Ukraine


literary translation, postmodernism, foreignization, domestication, culture, national self-conscience


The article is about postmodern innovations in a literary translation, which are a ground for discussions what about the relevance of a deep domestication of an original in accordance with the modern cultural needs of a reader. There are ideas about a vision of proportionality of an author and an interpreter in creating a meaning of the work. Postmodernism thru a literary translation is positioned as a new wave of humanism, as the liberalization ways of the expression identity, as linguistics culture of Ukrainians. The selection of examples from contemporary translations of Ukrainian postmodernists shows high effectiveness of the domestication for the formation of national self-conscience of the reader.