Functional-Informative Range and Means of Verbalization of Suggestive Imperative Intentions


  • С. Т. ШАБАТ-САВКА Чернівецький національний університет імені Юрія Федьковича, Ukraine


communicative intention, speaker, addressee, volition, suggestion, advice, proposal, warning, consolation, utterance


Functional-informative range of imperative reflects the volition of the speaker (order, requirement, prohibition, request, entreaty, persuasion, etc.) that can be of various intensity and syntactic organization. The article describes a range of suggestive intentions aimed at the implementation of a neutral or restricted imperative effects on the interlocutor. In the addressant-addressee continuum of the communicants’ interaction the intentions of advice, suggestion, warning, comfort, appeal are determined and analyzed comprehensively with reference to the close interaction of propozitiv content and grammatical means of the speaker’s intentional program explication in textual communication.