Concept-Symbol SWAN in Language Picture of the World of Antiquity: Comparative and Contrastive Aspects


  • М. А. ГРЕКОВА Київський національний лінгвістичний університет, Ukraine


subconcept SWAN, superconcept BIRD, ancient lingual worldview, comparative and juxtaposing research of the diachronic concept


The article positions the research principles of the ancient cultural concepts on
the example of concept SWAN, which is defined as a subconcept to a superconcept of BIRD. These are comparison for the concepts of archaic, classical and Hellenistic periods of Greek culture and juxtaposition of the Hellenistic concept with the Roman one. Figurative and definitional core of the concept are formed in the classical Greek period; lingually and culturally caused connotations and associations with the core are laid upon it on the Hellenistic; Roman concept transposes the Greek one on the basis of the Latin language, transforming and exposing it. The swan in ancient culture is first and foremost the symbol of Apollo, that being the basis for his talents for singing. The swan song is a dying song, as the white colour of the bird feather is a metonym for white hair, thus pointing at the last moments of life.