Models of Semantic Derivation of “Mental Absorbedness” Vocabulary (Based on the Ukrainian, Polish and English Languages)


  • О. В. ДЕМЕНЧУК Рівненський державний гуманітарний університет, Ukraine


“mental absorbedness” vocabulary, model, semantic derivation, semantic paradigm, participant


The paper deals with the peculiarities of semantic derivation of “mental absorbedness” vocabulary – a semantic class of words that denote the mental state of a person, his / her absorbedness in thoughts, memories, dreams etc. The focus is made on the analysis of models of “mental absorbedness” vocabulary semantic derivation in the Ukrainian, Polish and English languages, the establishment of relations between source and target meanings, the ascertainment of semantic paradigms development dynamics of the named class of vocabulary in the contrastive aspect. The research concludes that in the process of semantic derivation the “mental absorbedness” vocabulary reveals the features of derivativeness of a situational type, it being realized in the aspect of participants’ characteristics changes.