Reproduction of MATER’s Idiolect Speech Peculiarities in Translation of Cars and Cars 2 Animated Films into Ukrainian, German and Spanish


  • Н. А. МАТКІВСЬКА Київський національний лінгвістичний університет, Ukraine


idiolect, strategy, domestication, reproduction, animated films translation


The paper deals with the conception of idiolect and possible strategies of its reproduction in the translation of animated films. The focus is made on investigation of means and strategies apllied in terms of reproduction of animated film character Mater’s idiolect in the Cars and Cars 2 translations into Ukrainian, German and Spanish. The research concludes that the translators resorted to one of the mictostrategies of adaptation, in particular domestication, which was realized through use of surzhyk (mixture of Ukrainian and Russian) in the Ukrainian translation, slang and colloquial forms in the German and Spanish translations.