Verbal, Non-Verbal and Complex Memes: Classification according to Information Presenting and Perception Type in the Internet (Based on English Movie Memes)


  • О. І. ЧЕРНІКОВА Київський національний лінгвістичний університет, Ukraine


meme, verbal meme, non-verbal meme, complex meme, monocultural environment, meme origin


The article is focused on the problems of defining, classifying and description
of the meme phenomenon in modern language and cultural environment. A selection of modern memes developed from cinema-texts and widespread in the Internet has been analyzed. Using the criteria of meme definition and the wider approach to the meme including its definition as a sign, a basic typology has been suggested where memes are classified into verbal, non-verbal and complex memes. Subtypes of complex memes have been defined: verbal and visual, verbal and audial, verbal and gestural. The frequency of the meme subtypes has been counted. The following research result has been achieved: the meme’s source influences its further realization in the language and cultural environment.