Cognitive Fundamentals of Speech Interruption: Theory of Cognitive Dissonance


  • Т. С. КИРИЧЕНКО Київський національний лінгвістичний університет, Ukraine


interruption, cognitive dissonance, biased assimilation, attractiveness principle, psychological discomfort


The article focuses on the phenomenon of interruption in connection with the theory of cognitive dissonance. The basic features of cognitive dissonance that necessitate communicative interruptions have been revealed. The analysis of the causes of the dissonance emergence has been conducted. Furthermore, major options of overcoming cognitive dissonance within the phenomenon of interruption have been described. In the article it emphasized that an important condition of the successful attainment of consonance is the existence of a constructive, not adestructive, internal conflict. The results of the research are bolstered with examples of dialogic discourse taken from the works of contemporary British and American authors of the XX – XXI centuries.