Method of Polisituational and Onomasiological analysis of Motivation of Verbal Semantics of Physical and Mental States of the Subject


  • Н. В. ХАНИКІНА Київський національний лінгвістичний університет, Ukraine


verbocentrism, interiorization, versatile analysis, cognitive and onomasiological analysis, verbs with the meaning of physical and mental states of the subject, situational and propositional approaches, prototypical situation


The article deals with the new techniques of analysis of the verbs. The versatile analysis of N. Lebedeva and her students has been considered as the most productive, as well as the cognitive and onomasiological analysis of O. Selivanova has been widely tested by researchers of the scientific school based on the various classes of words. The following hypothesis has been suggested and proved: the combination of both techniques for uncovering the nature of the category of verbs with the meaning of physical and mental states of the subject in the Ukrainian and Hungarian languages would give new scientific results in the reconstruction of the motivational basis.